My story

Tomáš Niňaj

 Tomáš was born in August 2001. As a new-born, he suffered from so called “blue mask“ syndrome. In his infant age and early childhood he developed as every other healthy child. Around the age of 3, some changes of his psychomotor development could be observed. Therefore he started to attend a neurologist in 2004. The reasons were several - motor restlessness, weepy behaviour, fear of the dark. Later he was diagnosed with a low attention span and cognitive malfunction. At present, his outbursts of anger and aggressive verbal behaviour can be seen more often. That is why we decided to seek psychologic help and Tomáš was prescribed medication to lessen the manifestations of such behaviour from 2011 on.

 Since 2004 Tomáš has been attending an ophthalmologist. He was diagnosed with H52 Disorders of refraction and accommodation. At the beginning, he started to wear +8/+8 glasses. His sight has improved a bit over time, but still has +6,5/+7 glasses. As a preschool child, in 2005, he started to attend a speech therapist who helped him with dislalia and also joined the Children’s Integration Centre in Liptovský Mikuláš where the special education teacher took care of him on regular basis for 4 years.

 In 2007, Tomáš started to attend school. He started to attend the first grade along with the kids in a regular class. Nobody was aware of his present diagnosis at that time. However, the teachers draw his mother´s attention to differences in his behavioural development as well as his insufficient school results. Subsequent medical examinations proved that Tomáš had been suffering from ADHD. Therefore he was recommended the transfer to a preparatory class. At the age of 8, Tomáš underwent a comprehensive psychologic examination at the Centre of pedagogical-psychological counselling and prevention. Based on the outcome of the exam, he was advised to transfer to the Special Primary School offering programs for children with special educational needs.

 In 2011, Tomáš started to attend a psychiatrist due to another diagnosis F70 Mild mental retardation, currently reclassified to F71.1 Moderate mental retardation – Significant impairment of behaviour requiring attention or treatment, as well as F90.1 Hyperkinetic conduct disorder that needs medication on daily basis.


 Due to Tom´s worsening condition, he was advised to transfer to the school providing all-day care. Therefore, in September 2014, he started to attend The Special Primary Boarding School in Liptovský Ján. The principal of the school familiarised with Tom´s present condition and recommended the school as a suitable alternative for his health condition and psychic development. The children attending the school are individually led in education, independence as well as supported in doing basic housework. Even for me as a mother, the situation was difficult. Due to my current state of health, I decided that this option would be the best possible solution.

 Since the age of 8, Tomáš has grown significantly and his physical development is not over yet. At the age of 16, he is 187 cm/6.14 ft tall and weighs 77 kg/169.8 lb. This rapid growth is accompanied by problems with his spine – kyphosis, hyperlordosis, light sinistroscoliosis, and in addition to this, he suffers from flat feet and arachnodactyly.

 In June 2017, Tomáš underwent a genetic examination and was tested for Marfanoid habitus. This diagnosis was confirmed in October 2017. It is manifested by tremors and ataxia. Since June 2017 he is also monitored at a cardiologist.

 We have discussed Tom´s current state of health with the specialists at Adeli Centre in Piešťany. According to their opinion, Tomáš is a suitable candidate for a hyperbaric oxygen therapy. As the treatment stay at this facility is rather financially demanding and is not covered by the national health insurance system, we would like to ask our friends, acquaintances, general public and business entities for donations at any amount. All funds collected will be used to pay the fees connected with the therapy and stay at the Adeli Center or alternatively for further examinations, medicines and compensatory aids to make Tomáš's daily life easier or to support him in his hobbies.